What Does Fashion Mean To Me?

“Fashion means diversity, variety and creativity.” 

                                                                    – Nuala

I strongly believe in the quote I mentioned above and by the end of this post I'm sure you will also start believing in the actuality of it. 

Hi guys I am Rashi Kajaria lately known as The Fashion Eater. I am a fashion and lifestyle blogger. 

So getting to the quote, fashion means diversity because it is something which includes everyone. Each person should be able to see themselves represented in some way, shape, or form. Fashion is a glimpse into someone's personality, it is an art form. It is an individual's statement of self expression. If you had this misconception that fashion is for the slim and trim, then think again because the clothing industry has also now realised that a perfect body is not what everyone possesses. Fashion covers all domains. Whether a person is dusky or fair, slim or healthy. There are millions of combinations that equal beautiful because women around the globe are, in fact, beautiful.

Fashion means variety because it is a range of things of the same general class that are distinct in character or quality. Men and women differ in their features and appearances. As I mentioned above beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Therefore to have something for everyone the fashion industry has a wide variety of clothing, accessories, shoes, bags etc. As time is passing by virgin goods are ruling the ballgame. 

Fashion means creativity because it is a form of expression. Fashion is an expression of oneself, a way to signify who you are, where you come from and what you believe in. Have you seen me? No. Therefore you will judge me not by my looks but how creatively I dress myself up and how I carry myself. Being creative means taking risks, ignoring doubt and facing fears. Fashion is feeling good about yourself. It is like taking inspiration from different places and people and putting them together to make something of your own, something that you are proud of and enjoyed creating.

What fashion means to one person will be completely different than the next. Fashion is very hard to be put into words. Fashion plays an important role in transformation and development as human beings. Fashion is a snapshot of what you like or how you feel at a particular time. It gives you confidence to approach everyday challenges. You can convey a different look every single day. It is not boring and it is something that everyone has to partake in, whether they like it or not. Fashion determines your mood. It is the way of introducing yourself without saying a word. 

I confess that i do judge people by how they carry themselves, (yes I am one of them) but styling oneself and looks are two completely different things. Styling oneself acts as a first impression (at least to me). Therefore it is very important to slay everyday. I believe that all people regardless of their shape and size, are beautiful and can "Slay everyday".

Fashion also means a way of expressing your feelings. If I am feeling classy I would wear stilettos with a formal top and pants and a pair of big dangling earrings. The days I want to party I pull out my Little Black Dress with high heels. During summers, to look different I had teamed up my shorts with a black crop and a front open denim dress which I converted into a topcoat. When I feel sporty and I convince myself to workout I wear activewear. I love floral prints and colourful clothing but there are times when I get obsessed with black. It all depends upon my mood. Therefore mood plays a major role in my dressing. 

Fashion does not always mean that you have to wear what others wear. You can make your own style statement. Trends come and go but if you make your own style statement, who knows, you could be a trendsetter too!

Here are a few pictures of some of the trends that I had tried :


 Until next time

 Slay Everyday

Rashi Kajaria

 (The Fashion Eater)

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