Things I Need In My Wardrobe

" Playing dress-up begins at age five and truly never ends."

-Kate Spade

I strongly believe in the quote I mentioned above. In fact we all do! Who doesn't like to dress up and look their best? But don't you always feel like you don't have anything to wear after a lifetime of shopping and fail to find the particular pieces when you need them? Because I feel the same!

Here's what I own in my wardrobe which might help you when you go for shopping next. 

1.Basics: Basics are things that you know you can fall back on when you fail to choose anything for the occasion. If styled well, basics can be pretty versatile. I can wear my basic tees during summers as well as in the winters with the perfect coat to keep it chic. I've built a strong foundation with a strategic selection of basics that will mix with almost everything in my closet. Who doesnt own their staple pair of jeans? Again they are very versatile but I experiment in many other types of bottoms like palazzos,skorts,etc. I own a pair of plain white palazzos and one floral print skort, which I like to style in different ways.

2. Party Wear: I love going to parties and want to look so spectacular that all eyes are on me but I scramble through my wardrobe for hours and end up wearing the same thing with a different crowd. The basics for party wear that I own are: 

    (i)Dresses: One thing I absolutely need are dresses. At least one LBD is necessary but my wardrobe is full of them! Along with LBD, it is essential to own a plain versatile dress and a printed one. A printed dress is my go to for a pool party or a sundowner where my LBD probably wont work, but the plain dress sure will!

  (ii) Tops & Bottoms: With so many new styles available now, it can be difficult to try to limit on the shopping but try to find a few staples. For me they are shimmery tops, cold and off shoulders and crop/tank tops. Here I try to choose either dark or eye catching colours which makes me stand out.  My favourite party wear bottoms are shorts and skirts. High waisted jeans look amazing for parties. Pencil and skater skirts are also some of my favourites and go with almost everything. Not a variety, but I own at least one of each type of these. 

3. Accessories & Shoes: All outfits are incomplete without accessories no matter how good your selection of clothes are. I need a chunky neckpiece, a choker or locket, a few unique cuffs and studs. Scarves are very in especially during winters and are the most versatile accessories. Hats and caps can be worn in the summers. I prefer black ones which go with everything. Beanies are required in the winters, especially in severely cold places and I find them cute too! Shoes are a given. I personally feel that we do not need to own a closet of only shoes. I can suffice with a pair pencil heels/stilettos, sneakers and different types of flats of which one of them needs to be of a nude shade.

Hope you liked my post and that it will be of help to you. 

Until Next Time,

Slay Everyday,


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