Panel Discussion in Kolkata Fashion Walk 2

The second edition of Kolkata fashion Walk 2 was on 2nd September,2017. It was bigger and better than the first edition. With 26 locations, 24 city bloggers and a panel discussion with the senior bloggers Nikita Manchanda (Pentwister), Srishti Nadhani, Dolon Dutta (Pout Pretty) and Poorna Banerjee (Presented by P)

The discussion was worth all the time as it taught each one present so much about blogging, how to make your blogs worthy, things to keep in mind, the choices you need to make and much more. The key points were as follows:

1) Write blogs as often as possible

2) Invest in your own domain name.

3) Do not buy Followers. Be honest.

4) Focus on your field of choice

5) Content is the King

6) Read and educate yourself as much as possible about the industry.

7) Learn SEO and use proper keywords. Search on Google things you need to know about SEO or keywords.

8) Do not copy someone else's work. Take inspiration.

9) Do not use yourself as a hanger, add some value to it. Decide if you are a blogger or model. Think twice before possing for a brand you are linking yourself with.

10) Blog should not be more than 500-600 words. Proof read before posting always. No one likes to read blogs with spelling mistakes or grammatical errors.

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