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What comes to your mind when you hear the word 'Sunday'? I would definitely say that Sunday is a day when I can relax and shrug off all my worries in life, just for that one day. We spend one third of our life working, whether it be office, household work, studies etc. But Sunday is a day to relax and replenish our energy. Given that we have worked so hard it's not a crime to relax. 

Personally on Sundays, I feel extremely lazy and love wearing something comfortable which will also protect me from the winter chill. Sometimes an oversized t-shirt and baggy pants work best for me. I opt for tracks or pyjamas, cute sweatshirts and to feel that I am still dressed up, I sometimes add a scarf. Tying my hair up in a bun and drinking a cup of hot chocolate while watching a chick flick makes my Sunday perfect. Since winters are here, I love wearing socks to keep myself warm.  Depending on where you live, the winter can be seriously brutal, and usually involves having to sacrifice your hair in order to pop on a hat and keep your head and ears warm. In that case I prefer wearing a beanie. It gives you a cute look. Beanies are nothing new for the style set, but they continue to be all the rage now that the weather has gotten cold. There is a fun fact about Beanies! It can make a person look cute on occasions and also a tomboy on some other occasion. It depends on how you style it.

In my look, I have worn a striped sweatshirt with ripped joggers and have worn a scarf of the same colour. I like keeping my Sunday fashion mono chromed, simple and the most important, comfortable. Yet I like to look fashionable even at home. This look does exactly that. I have worn printed white socks and a grey woollen beanie to compliment my winter look. I have also worn a cute pair of white unicorn slippers which gives me the princess-ey feel.  

In case I need to curl out of bed and go to meet someone, I can easily restyle my hair, wear sneakers, get into a pair of jeans and I'm all set. Instead of wearing sneakers, wearing boots is also a good option. It has the tendency to give your outfit a swank look. Carrying a small bag or a clutch makes the outfit complete.

This is how I dress myself on a chilly Sunday. Do let me know how you like dressing up on Sundays through #thefashioneater0 on instagram.

Until Next Time, 

Slay Everyday, 

Rashi Kajaria 

(The Fashion Eater) 

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