My Ideal Fashion Guru

"Who is a fashion guru?" 

A guru is a person who some people regard as an expert or leader. People look up to them. They set an example which are followed by many. Hence, a "fashion" guru can be defined as a person who is great with fashion and always talks about it. A fashion guru is an person from whom people can take protracted fashion advice. Their trend is superseded by many. 

Fashion is a strange, fickle beast. It changes with the seasons, following new styles and the hottest celebrities' latest looks. What's cool now could be dorky next week. Different people have different tastes and preferences and it's according to these that they idealise others as their fashion gurus. 

"Who is my ideal fashion guru?"

When someone asks me who my "ideal" fashion guru is, the first name that pops to me mind is of Bollywood's best fashion and style icon, Sonam Kapoor. I feel that there is no one like her when it comes to fashion. I love the way she so confidently carries herself.She knows what's the difference between "trendy" and "tacky". She is one who goes bold with not only her clothes but also makeup.Sonam always has all eyes on her. She is not only not afraid of experimenting with different styles, but she also likes to set a trend. The best thing I adore about her is that being a celebrity, she does not have, rather need a stylist. Sonam's interest in fashion is not only restricted to styling. She also happens to like to design, a talent that is hereditary to her.

Some things that I learnt from Sonam Kapoor are:

1. Wearing really high heels. Heels add the look to an outfit. Sonam's favourite being a pair from Dior.

2. The best options for a party are a tiny black sequenced dress or a silver sequenced dress with a red clutch.

3. Black tights are in this season and the next and the season after that. They are the most easily available clothing therefore you can easily team them up with a bright coloured tunic and funky pumps for a perfect party outfit. 

4. Layering is one of the safest options for dressing up for a party. A purple jacket or a chic black one is perfect to make heads turn at the party.

5. Attitude and confidence is the best accessory one can wear.

Some of the Sonam Kapoor's styles that I absolutely adore are :


Look 1 

This is what she wore on the fifth day of the 65th Cannes International Film Festival. 

Look 2

When she pulled off a saree very elegantly.

Look 3

Power dressing and pant suits go hand in hand.

Look 4 

A jacket draped over your shoulders is always on point.

Look 5

Stay away from herd mentality

Look 6

Embrace your inner geek.

Classy, elegant, fierce and bold. All words that define her style and personality.  Sonam is inspired for her love for clothes, designers and her taste for good life. She has made a connection with her fans through her style and it speaks volumes. What sets her apart from others is that she takes pride in what she wears and she has fun with fashion. 

I idealise Sonam Kapoor, who do you idealise? Do let me know! 

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The Fashion Eater 

(Rashi Kajaria)


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