How To Style An Oversized Shirt?

"Fashion says 'me too', style says 'only me'."

This post will make you realise the actuality of the quote I mentioned above!

You know one of the days when you feel like wearing a shirt but still want to give a feminine touch to it? Well, I am here to help you with exactly that.

We all own an oversized shirt. I picked out mine from the wardrobe and wore it differently not only so that people don't realise that its a repeated outfit, but also, to suit my mood.

In the first look, I've worn it as a simple tuck in with shorts to maintain the tomboy vibe. This look is perfect for when you are running late. It is a perfect go to look, which everyone can pull!

In the second look, I've worn it as an off shoulder top, again tucked in, with shorts.

Steps to wear an oversized shirt as an off shoulder top:

1. Put your shirt on like a jacket.

2. Close only the buttons from third or fourth from the top(depending on how low you want the off shoulder to be/ depending on how it fits)

3. Then lift the top from the first close button upwards and drop down the shoulders.

4. Tuck in or let it be as you want!

And there you have a perfect off shoulder top for a day out with friends! 

Regrettably, I do not have pictures of me in the third look, I can assure you that it looks as good as the others, even better.

In the third look, you can wear your oversized shirt as a tube top. In this, it is absolutely necessary for it to be oversized.

Steps to wear an oversized shirt as a tube top:

1. Take the shirt and wear the shirt by securing the button which fits just above the chest. Secure the rest of the buttons as well. Do not put your arms in the sleeves.

2. Once you have performed step one, take the dangling sleeves and double knot them at the back or front as you like.

There you have your tube top for a casual day with your girls. You can, like all the above looks, where it with jeans/shorts. This look also looks good with a plain skirt.

I have teamed my black shorts and red sneakers with these looks. You can wear any sneaker shoes with them and can also pull of heels or platforms with the tube top!



Oversized shirt: Hollister

Shorts: Vero Moda

Shoes: U.S.P.A

Hope you guys liked the different ways to wear an oversized shirt. Let me know how these looks look on you by uploading a picture on Instagram or Facebook. Tag me on Instagram with  #thefashioneater0 as well as on Facebook! 

Also give me your feedback on how useful these were to you!

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