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So another year has gone by, and everyone is in that phase where they are stuck between grumbling about going back to work and being excited about the possibilities that a new year will bring. Kolkata is all set to welcome its few days of chilly winter, and most people are busy making a list of resolutions (which they will promptly forget as soon as the clock strikes 12 on the 31st of December) for the New Year. In the fashion font as well there is a frenzy to know all about the latest trends and putting together looks for the NYE parties.

But just because it is a new year, it doesn’t mean that you will throw out the contents of your entire wardrobe to make way for new things. Fashion is not about having the entire latest collections of a designer at your disposal. Instead, you must focus on how to make your wardrobe work according to the latest trends. So here are some ways to how you can make use of all your good old clothes to fulfil your “fashion resolution” of looking stylish for 2018!

Some key points for your new year Fashion Resolution

Put accessories to use in an innovative way

Tired of using a scarf the same way? Just tie it around like a belt with a skirt, and you are good to go! Fashion is just not mindlessly following a catalogue to stock up your wardrobe. Just think of the various innovative ways you can make use of your accessories. A scarf can become a belt; a bag can be “worn” (think criss-cross) in a different way, and a shirt can be donned over a dress to achieve a unique look.

Do not dress to impress

Often we forego comfort to look extra chic. Or just step into uncomfortable shoes to have that one Instagram-worthy picture. Is it sometimes worth it? Sure! But it is very important to remember that to look your best you must feel comfortable. Don’t go for something you are not a 100% sure about wearing. Remember that there is nothing wrong with skipping the stilettos for a comfy pair of sneakers. You can try out some dresses from popular fashion designers of kolkata for your fashion purpose.

Match your clothes

Kolkata is a city where you cannot make use of woollens. Winters are pretty mild so you can be happy with just wearing a coat over your normal clothes. But you can imbibe one of the recent trends of matching bottoms with a coat or blazer. Just don a matching pair of blazer and pants in a cool funky print, and you are all set to make heads turn for the NYE party!

Lastly, do not forget

Following the masses can make you look stylish, but does not help in self-expression. Just create your own brand of fashion, and you can make it work like nobody’s business. Remember, everyone is unique in their own way, so leading is always better than following. So get them, girl !!

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