Being fashionable comes at a price. Especially, if you are a student or don’t have a steady job (yet), shopping can make your already thin pocket thinner. But it might not matter if you know the best haunts to satiate your fashion-related cravings! Are ..

Ideal Outfit For A Friend's Wedding

The Fashion Eater | December 26, 2017

Weddings are an extravagant and intricate affair especially in India. Weddings are treated more like a festival in our country. Although with today's wedding fashion changing so rapidly, picking the right dress to wear at your friend's wedding can be a tricky ..

Top 10 Boutiques In Kolkata

The Fashion Eater | December 20, 2017

Kolkata is regarded as India's intellectual, artistic and cultural capital. It is India's second biggest city and a fashion hub too. In Kolkata one can find a variety of things. Kolkata is rich in it's food as well as fashion! Fashion is something that chan..

How To Style An Oversized Shirt?

The Fashion Eater | December 11, 2017

"Fashion says 'me too', style says 'only me'." This post will make you realise the actuality of the quote I mentioned above! You know one of the days when you feel like wearing a shirt but still want to give a feminine touch to it? Well, I am here to help ..

My Sunday Fashion

The Fashion Eater | December 02, 2017

What comes to your mind when you hear the word 'Sunday'? I would definitely say that Sunday is a day when I can relax and shrug off all my worries in life, just for that one day. We spend one third of our life working, whether it be office, household work, stu..

Things I Need In My Wardrobe

The Fashion Eater | December 09, 2017

" Playing dress-up begins at age five and truly never ends." -Kate Spade I strongly believe in the quote I mentioned above. In fact we all do! Who doesn't like to dress up and look their best? But don't you always feel like you don't have anything to wea..

What is Fashion

The closet controversy | December 07, 2017

Fashion is about expressing your identity, showing someone who you are through your fashion choices and using your clothes to tell someone something about you. Or at least it is for me- I suppose for some people clothing is just about comfort or utility but fo..

My Ideal Fashion Guru

The Fashion Eater | November 16, 2017

"Who is a fashion guru?"  A guru is a person who some people regard as an expert or leader. People look up to them. They set an example which are followed by many. Hence, a "fashion" guru can be defined as a person who is great with fashio..

What Does Fashion Mean To Me?

The Fashion Eater | November 06, 2017

“Fashion means diversity, variety and creativity.”                                                      &nbs..

Panel Discussion in Kolkata Fashion Walk 2

Tribonista | September 09, 2017

The second edition of Kolkata fashion Walk 2 was on 2nd September,2017. It was bigger and better than the first edition. With 26 locations, 24 city bloggers and a panel discussion with the senior bloggers Nikita Manchanda (Pentwister), Srishti Nadhani, Dolon D..

Ritumainty Mondal

Tribonista | August 04, 2017

The poser, The designer, and to top them both The amazing fashion Blogger.  You would surely not want to miss a beautiful Blogger like her. Follow Ritumainty Mondal at

Rajni Khaitan

Tribonista | August 04, 2017

Let's keep it simple with Rajni Khaitan. Talk about fashion and blogger together and the name that comes to mind is Rajni Khaitan or Clic Chic so all fashion lovers start following her at

Lisha Jain

Tribonista | August 04, 2017

The young and fresh Kolkata Blogger who is an epitome of beauty. If you are looking for some fresh and young fashion icon then follow Lisha at

Debasri Deb

Tribonista | August 04, 2017

Kolkata and it's authenticity is clearly outpouring through the fashion Blogger debasri. For all who want a touch of bengal follow her at

Ritika Jaiswal

Tribonista | August 04, 2017

"Following trends blindly is the biggest faux pas one can make as what looks good on the runway may not look so flattering on us. Being comfortable in what you choose to wear by embracing clothes that goes with your personality and body type is what matters th..

Nikita Manchanda

Tribonista | August 04, 2017

The food fashion and lifestyle Blogger based out of kolkata travelling an extra mile to create a new story just for her beloved followers. If you are looking for constant updates about fashion and food then without wasting any time follow PenTwister right away..

Srishti Nadhani

Tribonista | August 04, 2017

The quirky Blogger of Kolkata. She is one of her kind and has her own charm. If you have a quirky and edgy taste then follow the stylist and Blogger srishti nadhani at

Kolkata Fashion Walk

Tribonista | August 04, 2017

Tribonista in association with The Swiss Laundry and Pen twister organizes the first fashion walk in Kolkata. A walk with few top fashion bloggers of Kolkata highlighting the famous stores at one of the posh areas of Kolkata- Elgin Road. This exclusive walk i..