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Namaste Fashionistas!

Let's Engage all the Fashion enthusiast!

Thank you for your interest in knowing more about our platform as its for you, we exist. In a nutshell, the Tribonista is a platform to find ways to Engage Fashionistas like you.

We as a team had been on a quest to find the fashion talent for the city of Kolkata. We got to know a lot of them and each story was more inspiring than another. Each store, each designer, each individual, each stylist, each blogger, each buyer and each personality we meet in our quest had a great story to share related to their connection of being a fashionista in true sense.

After a journey of more than 1 and half years just trying to find to collaborate with these fashionista for our division The Swiss Laundry, we came to conclusion to start a new Division which will be presented as a platform to engage fashionista and we named it "Tribonista".

The Name
Yes, Tribonista! Many have asked us how we landed on such a name and we are more than happy to share the story as its all about stories for us. We had decided and started the division under the brand of The Swiss Tribe.

This was when we just want to collaborate with fashionista's for our laundry division. But after our amazing journey of 1 year with them, we started to think larger and started to look deeper and expanded our search in other cities as well where The Swiss Laundry was present and found out no one was really focusing on our Indian talent or story. So we decided to do so and the name with the Swiss made no sense anymore.

To focus on a larger scale and not be bound by our other brand we decided to change the name. And a lot of names were suggested by the entire team. Everyone was trying to use the word Tribe as we used to call our members our tribe member or Fashionista as the platform is for them.

In a moment of great discussion, the suggestion was forwarded from an unexpected source out loud call its "Tribonista". The person was not even involved in the discussion till than as was busy with crunching numbers for the group of company as the person is heading accounts for company. And after that moment, no name suggested or all the name being considered no matter how attractive, where not matching the ring of the word: "Tribonista".

So the word was a from one mind but shows how it is important to involve the complete team to get great decisions. The name was coined by the Tribe team and now we are on a mission to give meaning to that name as a team.

The 12 Key Motivators
  1. Embrace the importance of every fashionista
  2. Represent fashionista for being who they are are
  3. Help each fashionista with need extra support
  4. Help those fashionista even who thing who don't need help to share their story
  5. Integrate different platforms in one and move forward together
  6. Change how we measure the creative talent
  7. Create benchmarks
  8. Do it differently but yet as a team
  9. Discontinue things which aren't fair for all
  10. Rework strategy to collaborate better
  11. Choose new ideas and give them a fair chance to survive.
  12. Always remember: We are here to serve and honor ALL Fashionistas

The 9 Ideology
  1. We dont want to gain the knowledge for ourselves, its all about promoting
  2. The voice as a team is louder than as an individual
  3. We believe in working together is the only way to reach the goal than just running alone.
  4. We dont wait for choices, we look deep and constatly for them
  5. Our success in when other do
  6. We dont have a roadmap as we are too excited always to do better and more to reach goals
  7. We are humble fans of other fashionistas
  8. We are willing to join movement of even only one if it is in line to our purpose
  9. We wake to think, "Why not us?"

The 10 thumb rules
  1. Ideas are great, but execution is everything
  2. We will pay tribute to fashionista equally
  3. Money is a need, but should come in way of purpose
  4. If we think only about us, we will be lost before we define our term
  5. The only customer loyalty that matters is earned loyalty
  6. We will do at least one thing that scares us in a year
  7. We will do what other brands are not willing to do; with purpose
  8. "I am my brand."
  9. Word of mouth is a result, to be earned completely with constant work
  10. Solve problem when they are noticed without delay as others are dependent

The road being taken by us maybe untravelled but will lead us to our purpose with little help from all our fashionista friends. Till than we will remember the truth behind the lines : " One day the people who didn't believe in you will tell everyone how they met you."

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